Contract Evaluation: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

A couple of years ago I emailed some of my colleagues and friends a contract evaluation spreadsheet I use to review how things are going for me professionally, and I thought I’d share:

For the contract evaluation tab, at some point I realized that minor things can really bug me sometimes if I can’t keep an eye on the big picture (i.e., I really hate being micromanaged but if I can remind myself that I’m getting a great rate with a short commute it ~really~ helps). So, a few contracts back I tried to figure out what matters to me about a contract, assign a weight to those criteria, and then find out what the score is for the contract. This helps me be a little more objective when I try to decide when it’s time to leave. I reevaluate when there is a major change in a contract – when I was at the one client, after they made some management changes and I went to a different project, my score was significantly different.

You will most likely have different criteria and weights than I do, but maybe this will give you a good starting point.

Contract Evaluation

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