T-SQL Tuesday #46 Wrap-Up

First, thank you to not only the bloggers that participated, but to everybody that helped get the word out to others, and to Adam Mechanic (blog | @AdamMachanic) for starting T-SQL Tuesday long ago. As it turns out, we have the right number of blog posts to match up nicely with the game play of Mouse Trap. Now, let’s get right to it (in reverse Twitter handle order).

Steve Jones (blog | @way0utwest)

Mouse Trap starts with the turn of a crank…and Steve tells us how he went about Catching the Cheaters.

Valentino Vranken (blog | @ValentinoV42)

..which rotates a vertical gear…and Valentino talks about Calling a Web Service from SQL Server 2005.

Jason Brimhall (blog | @sqlrnnr)

…which turns a horizontal gear…and Jason discusses Chaining Jobs on Linked Servers.

Mickey Stuewe (blog | @SQLMickey)

…that pushes a lever…and Mickey shudders as she describes Embedding Meaning within Fields.

Dan Hess (blog | @SQLDCH)

…which swings a boot…and Dan does something I won’t Pretend to Understand.

Hemanth.D (blog | @SqlChow)

…that kicks a bucket… and Hemanth Monitors Executing Jobs.

Bradley Ball (blog | @SQLBalls)

…sending a marble down the rickety stairs…and Bradley Automates Deleting Older Certificates.

Roger Wolter (blog | @rwolter50)

…into a chute…and Roger is the King of Rube Goldberg Machine Ideas.

Rob Farley (blog | @rob_farley)

…hitting a vertical pole with a hand (we all remember that hand, right?)…and Rob loves The Old XML Trick for Concatenation.

Andrew McDermid (blog | @oldskipole)

…which knocks another ball into a bathtub…and Andrew describes Table Partitioning to Archive.

Koen Verbeeck (blog | @Ko_Ver)

…and then falls through a hole onto a seesaw…and Koen uses Wingdings to Improve SSRS Performance.

Dave Valentine (blog | @IngeniousSQL)

…launching a diver (the diver was always the tricky part)…and Dave does some Crazy Bitwise Matching.

Jeffrey Verheul (blog | @DevJef)

…into a tub…and Jeffrey tells us how to Implement SQL Server Express Plus.

Rick Krueger (blog | @DataOgre)

…shaking a cage…and I tell you about Asynchronous without Server Broker.

Boris Hristov (blog | @BorisHristov)

…on top of a pole…and Boris has the Backup Blues.

Kathi Kellenberger (blog | @auntkathi)

…which drops the cage onto the mouse…and Kathy used SSRS Reports for Updates.

As they say, truth is stranger than fiction, and I think we proved it this month. Thanks again to everyone. I really appreciate it.


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