What’s In a [Presentation] Name?

What would your reaction be if you were scanning the list of presentations to attend at a conference and saw a session named NoSQL Rules of Engagement? Dave Valentine (Blog | @IngeniousSQL) and I were originally going to name our next presentation just that, until we asked for feedback from Mike Donnelly (Blog | @SQLMD). He gave us fabulous constructive criticism on the title and abstract:

Uggg…another NoSQL/Big Data presentation…Then I read [the abstract] – wow, that does sound interesting!

So, while we had written an abstract that would pull people in, the title would drive them away – so they would potentially never even read the abstract. Mike shared the advice that he had been given:

Make sure the title says exactly what the session is about.

Based on Mike’s feedback, Dave and I reworked the title to do a better job conveying our key takeaway. We submitted the following to SQLSaturday Madison and SQLSaturday Chicago:

Rules of Engagement: NoSQL is SQL Server’s Ally

When should you favor a NoSQL store over SQL Server, or consider polyglot persistence? In military and police operations, the rules of engagement determine when, where, and how force shall be used. As the “data police”, we are responsible for determining when, where, and how data is stored. As SQL Server professionals, it tends to be our first choice, even when there are other data storage options that are a ‘more natural’ fit. In this session, Rick and Dave will start with the NoSQL basics, and then dive into the different categories of NoSQL stores while explaining what each type is well suited for. (Pair Presented with Dave Valentine @IngeniousSQL)

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