SQLSaturday #149 (Minnesota) and How I Choose Sessions

I saw a tweet from Devin Knight ( blog | twitter ) recently which was a link to his poll What is the number one reason you attend a session?. I chose Other, because my number one reason for attending a session has recently changed. For the record, a year ago, my answer would have been I have a need to learn the topic.

Things have changed for me this year. I’m now speaking at SQLSaturdays, including my hometown SQLSaturday #149, which makes the decision very easy for those slots. After that, I refer to this handy dandy flowchart that I just made, showing how I made decisions last year side-by-side with how I’ve been making decisions this year. I’ll explain the change in strategy later.



Now, let’s go through the awesome lineup for SQLSaturday #149 and apply and explain my flowchart:



8:30 Freaky Fast Database Development Tips

I’m more than a little biased because I happen to be a ‘Pair Presenter’ in this one. If I wasn’t speaking, my next choice would be an out-of-town friend. As of this moment, nobody in the 8:30 slot fits that bill, but I hope to fix that by then. One of my favorite parts of SQLSaturdays are the networking opportunities, and for speakers, the best time and place for that tends to be the speakers’ dinner and after party. So, if I make friends the night before, I like to show some support the next day by going to their sessions. I place out of town friends over local friends on SQLSaturdays, because MN has a great SQL Server User Group PASSMN, and I get many chances to see my local friends.

10:00 Getting to Know Index Operation Stats

Hmm, my flowchart is already breaking down here. According to the flowchart I should go to Ed Leighton-Dick’s ( blog | twitter ) Practically Normal session. I met Ed at East Iowa’s SQLSaturday #161, and he did a great job coordinating there. But, Jason Strate ( blog | twitter ) is a local, and Getting to Know Index Operaton Stats is perfect timing for what I’m doing on a daily basis now.

12:45 Merge Replication for Offline Data Mobility or Anatomy of a Join

No out of town friends in this timeslot yet either. Mark Vaillancourt ( blog | twitter ) is a local as well as a Regional Mentor in The Great White North, but I’ve actually seen his Star Trek MDX session, so I’m sure he won’t mind too much if I go see Ted Krueger’s ( blog | twitter ) Merge Replication for Offline Data Mobility or Luke Jian’s ( blog | twitter ) Anatomy of a Join instead.

2:15 SSRS: Reporting on Reports

This one is an obvious choice for me. If I wasn’t speaking, I think Joe Sack’s ( blog | twitter ) Resolving Cardinality Estimate Issues would be at the top of my list. I’d also be interested in attending Merrill Aldrich’s ( blog | twitter ) PowerShell 101 or Mike Donnelly’s (blog | twitter ) Advancements in CDC with SSIS in SQL 2012 session, but I can only be in one place at a time.

3:45 The Creepy DBA, How to Stalk Your Users

For this one, I had to choose from the sessions happening in the Rapson building because I also volunteered to direct people from Rapson to Keller Hall immediately after the 3:45 sessions for the closing ceremonies. Jason came up with a great title for this one. I’m hoping he shows techniques to stalk DBAs too!

5:30 After Party – To be announced, and not to be missed.

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