June PASSMN SQL Server User Group Meeting

June’s meeting had some bumps along the way, but turned out great. Steve Hughes ( blog | twitter ), the PASSMN President, kicked off the meeting working without a net (no slide deck for reference). Then, Jes Schultz Borland ( blog | twitter ) did her presentation remotely over LiveMeeting because she had car trouble and couldn’t make the trip. That resulted in some glitches, but her presentation still went well overall. 

This was my first time speaking at PASSMN, and I had a lot of material to cover in 15 minutes. Since Jes ended up going first, I was the only thing between the attendees and their swag (a lot of books and past PASS Summit DVDs were handed out). On the agenda, my presentation was billed as: 

Managing Daylight Savings without CLR

Dealing with Daylight Savings is often an afterthought, but can cause major system issues if ignored. Learn how an SSIS package can keep a lookup table with TimeZone information up to date, allowing DateTime conversions as needed.

Judging by the looks on the faces in the crowd, they learned a thing or two, and that’s a great feeling! The slide deck, LINQPad sample code, SwitchOffset.sql, and 2012 SSIS package sample can all be found here.

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