SQLSaturday #159 (Kansas City) & SQLSaturday #161 (Iowa City)

@IngeniousSQL and I proposed two sessions for Kansas City & Iowa City, and are hoping to be fortunate enough to be selected as co-presenters. We are wondering if SQLKaroke is mandatory whenever @StrateSQL is around (he submitted to Kansas City). If so, he should know that Dave used to moonlight as a singing bartender. I’m just sayin…

Freaky Fast Database Development Tips

Join Rick and Dave on this most excellent adventure as they teach you how to get more work done in less time. Leave your checkbook at home, because this is all about maximum productivity with minimum budget. Leave with Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio shortcut keys, extensions, macros, and add-ins. We guarantee you will see something you haven’t seen before, or your money back.

SSRS: Reporting on Reports

Business Intelligence gets a lot of press these days, but do you often wonder to yourself as you are writing a report, ‘Who is going to use this’? Learn about the rich information that SSRS is already capturing for you about your reports: who is running them and how often, how long do they take to execute, how much time is spent in data retrieval vs rendering, which parameters were passed in, and more…

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