Professionally reinventing yourself

I’ve been doing this for a long time and I’ve changed my career goals and reinvented my professional self at least half a dozen times. At this time last year, I was considering becoming a FTE, and I told that potential employer that I wanted to attend the PASS Summit, and that one of my goals was to be speaking at PASS events. I didn’t accept the FTE position, but I am currently scheduled to be speaking at the PASSMN meeting this June.

The next logical step seems to be submitting abstracts and getting spots at SQLSaturday events nearby. I’m working with another Independent Consultant, Dave Valentine @IngeniousSQL, that would also like to start speaking at these events. It’s kind of like having a workout partner, without any of the health benefits.

We are both trying to figure out the best way to give back to the SQL Server Community. Blogging and Twitter seem to be the best medium for that, so here we are. If you don’t have a Twitter handle yet, grab one now, because although there are many good handles that aren’t being used, they are taken. I even tried making up words only to find out that they were already taken.

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